WirePro Tech is a leading supplier of over clamps for fixture finishers in North and Latin America.
WirePro Tech designs and manufactures wide range of over clamps to meet all your fixture needs.
WirePro Tech manufactures custom assemblies to your specifications.

WirePro Tech takes pride in the quality that is built in each of our products.
Why Choose US?

For over 33 years
WirePro has been providing hardware products and solutions for the “A.T.E.” Automatic Test Equipment industry. Over the past 3 decades WirePro has changed its focus to meet the needs of an ever evolving ATE industry.

Our current focus
is providing high quality, innovative, and competitively priced over clamps to fixture finishers. We continue manufacturing, to order, the machinery we developed for fixture building as well as producing, on request, custom fixture components.

Our Best Selling Products
Precision High Volume
Precision high volume

Railed Gate
Railed gate


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Pneumatic Gate