About us

For over 33 years WirePro has been providing hardware products and solutions for the “A.T.E.” Automatic Test Equipment industry.

WirePro was founded by Charles Schein
and incorporated 15 years ago as Schein Research, Inc, but is still known as WirePro. WirePro started business in 1984 as a software company providing programs for the Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) industry.

In 2008 Gеorge Petra
joins the company as a production manager. George Petra possesses an electrical college degree and is a Bachelor in Manufacturing engineering. George has more than 10 years of experience in manufacturing engineering.

In 2017 Charles Schein divides the company
in two parts – one of them stays under his managements (Schein Research, Inc) and the other is transferred under the management of George Petra and Matey Petrov (WirePro Tech).

In 2017 Matey Petrov joins the team..
Мatey Petrov graduated from a mechanical college and has a Master’s degree in Manufacturing engineering. Before that Matey worked at QCC, LLC. Мatey Petrov has a 10-years’ experience in manufacturing design and manufacturing engineering.