Pneumatic Gate

Pneumatic Gate

The pneumatic gate is the perfect clamp for test fixtures
when vacuum is not a good fit. It is a perfect for test point counts greater than a manual over clamp can handle. The pneumatic gate can be configured with either single stage or double stage cylinders. The cylinders are sized to handle virtually any quantity of probes in your fixture. Although only 4 sizes are in inventory, custom sizes are welcome.’

By request, the system can be supplied with a manifold 
that has low amp 12VDC momentary on/off solenoid valves.

The pneumatic gate’s unique design 
combines flow control valves on each port of each cylinder to ensure the pressure plate pushes down evenly without “crab walk”.

Constructed of solid aluminum, this rugged assembly has a brushed, clear anodized finish.
Gas springs, handles, and hinges are completely assembled for ease of installation.

All pneumatic gates can be customized
to meet your specific size requires at a reasonable cost. Just contact us by phone +1-847-297-8770 or by our contact form.


Outside Dimensions  

(Front size) x (Side size)

Maximum Board Size Scheme PDF
PG502 20.95″ x 15.93″ 17.65″ x 13.65″
PG503 27.26″ x 19.50″ 24.00″ x 17.20″
PG510 14.95″ x 16.89″ 11.65″ x 14.8″
PG515 27.26″ x 17.93″ 24.00″ x 15.65″


Pneumatic Gate Pneumatic Gate