Accessories & Replacement Parts

WirePro Tech offers a large variety of accessories and replacement parts:

Handle-100 Handle-120 Latch handle set
Latch handle set
PVC Vacuum Chambers
WirePro Tech offers 2 different heights PVC Vacuum chambers for our standard and custom units –
0.888 PVC Vacuum chamber and 1.358 PVC Vacuum chamber.
PVC Vacuum chamber
Rubber Seals
Fixture seal Round seal
Tooling Pins

 Alignment Pin and Guide Bushing
Alignment pins and guide bushings are used for precise alignment and to guide pressure plate wile it moves vertically.
Tooling pin
 Gas Springs
WirePro Tech offers a different length and output force spare gas springs.

 Top Pressure Plates
Top Pressure Plate
Pressure Fingers
WirePro Tech offers a number of different length pressure fingers made from both non-ESD or ESD materials. The pressure fingers are installed in the top pressure plate, and press down on the board under test. Custom length fingers available upon request.
ESD presure fingers Presure fingers Dead stops

If you ever need any part in a custom size, 
we will be happy to provide you with a quote. Just contact us by phone +1-847-297-8770 or by our contact form.