Railed Gate

Railed Gate

The railed gate is a clamp for test fixture constructed from solid aluminum.
The gate is rugged yet light weight. The rails have pre-tapped holes for mounting your polycarbonate or G10, whichever suits your needs. The latch has locking holes located at the bottom. If pins are install in the probe plate the latch will not open when the gate is in the down position.

The railed gate has a clear anodized brushed finish
which will give years of service without showing wear and tear. Each unit is completely assembly with hinges, gas springs attached. Mounting the bottom assembly to your fixtures top plate is all that is required for installation.

All railed gates can be customized
to meet your specific size requires at a reasonable cost.  Just contact us by phone +1-847-297-8770 or by our contact form.


Outside Dimensions
(Front size) x (Side size)
Maximum Board Size Scheme PDF
RG201 13.13″ x 10.00″  10.50″ x 8.75″
RG202  17.13″ x 12.93″ 14.50″ x 10.75″
RG203 21.15″ x 16.93″ 18.50″ x 14.75″
RG204 27.66″ x 15.87″ 25.00″ x 13.88″
RG205 9.91″ x 11.93″ 7.00″ x 9.75″
RG210 15.13″ x 15.43″ 12.5″ x 13.25″


Railed Gate Railed Gate