The VacBubble is an economic solution for bottom access probing.
The elegant design is constructed from custom extrusions with a clear anodized brushed aluminum finish. Integrated in the design is a trim ring that encloses the sides of the polycarbonate for a finished look, and pinch guards all around to keep fingers safe.

The VacBubble is completely assembled
with hinges and gas springs attached. Mounting the bottom assembly to your fixtures top plate is all that is required for installation.

The VacBubble is available with or without the Polycarbonate cover.
The polycarbonate can be ordered plain or anti-static.

All VacBubbles can be customized
to meet your specific size requires at a reasonable cost. Just contact us by phone +1-847-297-8770 or by our contact form.


Outside Dimensions
(Front size) x (Side size)
Maximum Board Size Scheme PDF
MM301VB 14.15″ x 9.90″ 11.25″ x 7.64″
MM302VB 18.34″ x 13.86″ 15.34″ x 11.60″
MM305VB 9.52″ x 12.49″ 6.52″ x 10.24″
MM310VB  14.54″ x 16.98″ 11.54″ x 14.79″
MM311VB 9.52″ x 14.31″ 6.52″ x 11.74″
MM312VB 22.50″ x 17.04″  19.50″ x 14.79″
MM313VB 13.65″ x 17.04″ 10.65″ x 14.79″
MM315VB 12.96″ x 9.90″ 9.95″ x 7.64″


VacBubble VacBubble